As a prospect, common currency can be introduced into practice within Single Economic Area (SEA) on territory of Ukraine.

The vice-chairman of the National bank of Byelorussia Nickolay Luzgin expressed such opinion, commenting the results of meeting between representatives of Central banks of countries CIS in Minsk.

"Possibility of common currency creation within CIS has been already discussed, but it is just a theory ", - Luzgin said.

Marking different level of integration of CIS countries, Luzgin said that Byelorussia and Russia agreed to introduce Russian rouble in Byelorussia from January, 1, 2006.

In Luzgin’s opinion, the next stage of currency integration is introduction of common currency on the territory of SEA countries: Byelorussia, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan or countries of Eurasian Economic Association, uniting Byelorussia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kirghizia.

As known, Ukraine is the associated member of CIS. And present public agents declare that maximally possible level of integration of Ukraine within SEA is creation of free trade zone.

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