Press secretary of prime minister of Ukraine Vitaly Chepinoga reported that official Kiev regards the plans of Boris Beresovsky to move to Ukraine for permanent residence very quietly.

"This is domestic affair of Russia, - said Chepinoga. Government and, in particular, Premier Julia Timoshenko are so busy, that they do not care about the visits of some Beresovsky".

Press secretary of vice-prime of Ukraine re European integration reported that "position of Ukraine concerning this question is absolutely clear. Beresovsky Arrival to Ukraine will not worsen the relations between Russia and Ukraine".

Beresovsky, being now in Riga with documents under the name of Platon Elenin, declared that he planed to visit Ukraine next week. Also Beresovsky refuted the reports that he was the adviser of Julia Timoshenko during "orange revolution". "I was not and I am not going to become the adviser of prime minister of Ukraine", - Beresovsky said.

We remind that after Victor Yushchenko’s victory in elections businessman Boris Beresovsky, London’s resident, expressed intention to settle in Kiev. Beresovsky is convinced that Ukraine having become a democratic country would not extradite him to Russia.

Opinions of politicians and officials of Ukraine differ on this question. So, minister of justice of Ukraine Roman Zvarich declared that « it is needed to apply the norms of Genevan convention to Beresovsky» and, consequently to acknowledge the status of political refugee given him by Great Britain.

Before, Yushchenko declared that in the case of Beresovsky’s arrival he would operate in strict accordance with internal and international laws, not specifying, however, what exactly he meant.

Still earlier PM of faction "Our Ukraine", new minister of Emergency Control David Jvanya declared that in the case of Beresovsky’s arrival to Kiev he would extradite him to Russia.


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