Kharkov law defenders address the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko with the requirement to abolish the use of stamps "not for publishing", "top secret", "for official use only", issuing an edict or other documents as it does not respond the Constitution of Ukraine.
According to the co-chairman of the Kharkov remedial group regarding human rights Eugene Zaharov, such formulations on state documents are not foreseen by a single normative act, and that is why they are illegal.

How marked Zaharov, new power has nothing to hide from people, if it is not a state secret. He hopes that "this annoying misunderstanding is consequences of inertia of former administration of president, and new power will understand it and make corrections".

Besides, Zaharov also hopes that Yushchenko will abolish "top secret" signature from already issued 23 new edicts and also from edicts issued under Leonid Kuchma’s regime.

Otherwise, Kharkov’s law defenders will conduct actions of protest and will solve the problem of "illegal secrecy" judicially.


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