According to data from UNO, the greatest reduction of population to 2050 year is expected in Ukraine and Russia - 18 and 44 million less, accordingly.
According to UNO’s prognosis of Earth population growth, the population of our planet will attain to 6, 5 milliard of persons this year , in 2012 there will be already 7 milliards of habitants on Earth. 

Average annual increase of Earth population is 77 million persons. Among them about 16 million are in India, where there is the greatest birth rate. China is on the second place - annual increase more than 9 million persons. Next four places are occupied by Pakistan, Nigeria, United States and Bangladesh.

These six countries will remain demographic leaders to 2050 year.

In the same time the greatest reduction of population is expected in Russia and Ukraine - 44 and 18 million less, accordingly. After them Japan and Italy follow in the list of anti-leaders.
During 2004 year the population of Ukraine dwindled on 341,6 thousand men. According to data from National Statistics Committee, on January, 1 of this year population of Ukraine is 47,28 million persons. If the prognoses of UNO experts appear faithful, there will be less than 30 million habitants in Ukraine to 2050 year.


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