Chairman of Party of regions Victor Yanukovich wants to meet with president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko for discussion of problems of creation and formation of structural, civilized opposition.
He announced it on Wednesday during the meeting with the congressman of the USA Robert Wexler and ambassador of the USA in Ukraine John Herbst, press-service of Yanukovich reported.

Questions of development of democracy in Ukraine, situation in Iraq, eurointegrational processes in our state and development of relations Ukraine-Russia were discussed during the meeting. 

"I am sure, - Yanukovich said during the meeting, - that Ukraine has finally stood on the way of democratic development. And I am glad about it. Now I have a wonderful possibility to create new, civilized opposition, such opposition which exists in all democratic countries".

In Yanukovich’s opinion, new power foremost must be interested in such development, as it will work better and more effective under strong opposition which will not let it make serious mistakes. "We have the same aim, - he underlined, – to form the state, to improve people’s welfare, to unite the entire nation".

According to Yanukovich, position of Victor Yushchenko is very important in this situation. "I am sure, - he said, - that we are able to decide these problems. There are president of Ukraine and leader of opposition which have all possibilities to define the ways of work for the sake of people of Ukraine".

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