Today president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko is 51 year.

Yushchenko was born on February, 23, 1954 in the village Horujivka, Sumskaya region.

This date coincides with the first month from the day of his inauguration as country's leader.
On January, 23 Yushchenko took the oath of president in Verhovna Rada. He became the third president of Ukraine.

Family of president asked all persons wishing to felicitate country's leader not to present expensive gifts.

President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko will spend the most part of his birthday in Brussels and Strasbourg and will celebrate it with the family in the evening, after return to Kiev.
As reported in press-service of country's leader, the wife and children were the first who congratulated him by phone.

Members of Ukrainian delegations accompanying president presented Yushchenko a fountain-pen and a souvenir-bee.


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