National artist, professor, knight "For merits" Yan Tabachnik accuses Vice-premier Nickolay Tomenko of anti-Semitism.
Artist said about it in his "Open letter to Vice-premier Nickolay Tomenko"

"During last weekend thousand radio listeners became witnesses of your statement that only Ukrainian artists had to perform in Ukraine, not some tabachniks and kobsons. For the third time you afford negative pronouncements to me and Joseph Kobson. History of humanity knows in fact - exactly similar statements caused Crystal night in Germany and tragedy of Babij Yar.
If you want to make "a beating boy" of me, I do not give the best fit. I am not afraid of you. What do you mean by your statement that only Ukrainian artists have to perform in Ukraine? Do you mean that I and Joseph Kobson are Jewries? Or we are bad artists? If you consider me like this, then take my ranks of honoured and national artist of Ukraine, given me by Soviet power.

Maybe, you want to deprive me of Ukrainian citizenship? By the way, officials of different countries did it with Albert Einstein, Charley Chaplin, Ernst Unknown, Thomas Mann and many other Jewries - cultural workers of those countries.
If you need for some purpose the post of national artist Yan Tabachnik, I am ready to resign. But I am afraid that the world will not be able to adopt my resignation; and you will have to ask not only president of Ukraine but also other presidents and prime ministers, princes and chancellors, and also millions of audience of America, Russia, Australia, Austria, Germany, Canada, Israel and many other countries where they listen to my music with great pleasure. In front of my Motherland Ukraine and Ukrainian people my conscience is clean.

I am not going to be in opposition to new power. Unlike you, I do not need power. But it seems to me that you try to make me the first dissident in renewed Ukraine, in which, as it was declared, human rights will not be violated.
I am not your slave, Mr. Tomenko, and not your lackey. You encroached upon my honour and dignity, on my rights as the citizen of Ukraine. I demand apologies, and I wait for them. If you do not bring apologies in public, I will put on the yellow Solomon's seal (which, by the way, king of Belgium did not afraid to put on during the war for supporting pursued citizens - Jewries. Frankly speaking, I doubt, that you know such facts) and will carry it until you remain in government. I will appeal to all my colleagues, to many prominent men of planet, and also to leaders of remedial organizations, to world association to defend myself and those, whose national dignity you, Mr. Tomenko, crave to trample and humiliate.

You (consider only!) are vice-prime minister re... humanitarian questions! Instead of visiting TV channels and pursuing narcissism and cheap PR-actions, do your real work.
Yan Tabachnik, citizen of Ukraine, national artist, professor, knight "For merits"

P. S. On my performances I always tried (unlike you) to consolidate society, not divide. By the way, there were many your present team-mates, including president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko on these performances."

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