Russian political technologist Stanislav Belkovsky considers that the government of Julia Timoshenko can be sent in resignation in autumn.

According to him, the relations between Yushchenko and Timoshenko are "relations between a trainer of worldwide known football team and his leading forward".
"There can be frequent contradictions between them, because they struggle for being team symbol and bulwark. Government of Timoshenko is not only cabinet of ministers of Timoshenko, but a mechanical set of people, each of which is awarded by a certain post for participation in "orange revolution". Therefore, collisions in such government are inevitable", - Belkovsky thinks, "Ukrainska Pravda" informs.

According to his opinion, with the lapse of time the government of Timoshenko will become "more homogeneous", it will be abandoned by people "sharply antagonistic" to Julia Vladimirovna. "That, however, does not except falling of this government in autumn, as contradictions do not touch Yushchenko and Timoshenko personally. These contradictions are between key figures of their surroundings".

According to him, problems concerning oil re-export can break relationships between Yushchenko and Timoshenko. The question is "how much Victor Yushchenko will value the alliance with Julia Timoshenko".

Belkovsky assumed also, that Timoshenko would seek alliance with Donetsk region. "And her actions will differ from the last actions of president. I consider Victor Yushchenko’s visit in Donetsk a large political mistake. President did not take a chance to clasp Donetsk to his bosom, but frightened it off".

"And all those fears which before elections were considered a propagandistic myth were confirmed. Now Donetsk has much more grounds to assert that there is a threat from new power side".


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