Under direction of the USA NATO begins the realization of the largest project "elimination of superfluous ammunitions, rifle and light armaments and also portable zenithal-rockets complexes (PZRC)". The official representative of state department of the USA Richard Baucher declared about it on Friday.

It is underlined in his written statement, that this project is the "largest, among ever undertaken by NATO within the fund of partnership, and is an answer for the query of Ukraine about the assistance in elimination of 1,5 million units of rifle and light armaments and also 133 thousand tons of ammunitions", "RIA News" informs.

The project consists of four phases, total duration of which is 12 years, and costs approximately $27 millions.

The USA will lead works within the first phase for realization of which they bring in $1 million 642 thousand and will work with other potential countries-donors. Great Britain announced about its consent to bring in 400 thousand English pounds, Norway declared about its willingness to bring in 240 thousand euros.

Start of elimination of superfluous ammunitions, rifle and light armaments and also PZRC in Ukraine is planned on the spring of this year, the representative of the American foreign-policy department reported.

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