Presidential confidential decrees number 116 and number 117 are the most askable by visitors of site Verhovna Rada of Ukraine among all decrees of country's leader.

Since the day of their signing, documents were inquired by about four thousand visitors, "Interfax-Ukraine" reports.

In terms of appeals, decrees 116 and 117 yield only to the state budget of Ukraine on 2005 year and the Civil code, but pass ahead of the law "about taxation of physical persons", Economic code and pandect about labour.

According to data from site of Verhovna Rada, Victor Yushchenko after becoming president of Ukraine signed 11 confidential decrees - 116-117 from January, 28, 225-228 from February, 11, 221-223 from February, 10, 252 from February, 12 and 263 from February, 14.

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