On a today's press-conference head of Security Service of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov declared that during Kuchma’s regime many known politicians, in particular representatives of opposition, were "bugged".

According to Turchinov, as bugging was illegal - very sly charts were used. Representatives of power department, in particular Ministry of Internal Affairs, applied for permission on bugging certain people to Security Service of Ukraine. But the names were different, mainly - opposition politicians.

Turchinov is sure, that bugging was a political order from "top".

At the same time, herefused to announce all names of "bugged" people. He mentioned the names of Yushchenko and Timoshenko, and also confessed that he also got in the list of "victims".

Turchinov promised that situation would change radically, and new opposition would not be "bugged", of course, if this opposition did not threaten interests of Ukraine.

Security Service of Ukraine brought an action concerning illegal tapping of opposition leaders, "Interfax-Ukraine" informs.

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