According to one of versions, the Ukrainian, found in Crimea and fully lost his memory, could fall a prey to Satanists.

As "New Region" informs, doctors mark that Nickolay (physicians gave him this name) is well-educated and sociable man. He was found on rails with the very deep cut in leg and cuts of hands’ veins by a blunt object. Nickolay remembered that he was drinking something and strangers were stretching his hands. Then the man was moving in a long cave (sometimes on all fours, as it was narrow), and when crept out, he met a trackman who called ambulance.

Victim had expensive Swiss watch on his hand, and his clothes were stained with blood.

Notably, that a year ago similar case happened in Sevastopol: in February, 2004 also near railway tracks a young man, which could not remember, who he was and where from, was found. Fortunately, due to the picture published in newspaper, his relatives succeeded to be found. However young man did not recognize his mother.

"One interesting moment: in first case a fellow was found at night from 5 to 6 February, 2004. There was a full moon, in second case at night from 8 to 9 February, 2005 - there was a new moon. A full moon and new moon are the days of sacral masses of Satanists, which, as known, they frequently conduct in caves", - Aleksey Dobichin, representative of Center of family and childhood defense "Rusichi", asserts.

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