The President of the USA George Bush asked Congress of the USA for additional 60 million dollars for supporting  «historical conquests» of democracy in Ukraine.

It was reported in the budget management of the White house.

In particular, head of budget management of the White house Joshua Bolten, in his letter to the speaker of the USA congress representatives house Denis  Hastert, says: «Recent elections brought a possibility for strengthening of democratic institutes and civil society, and also for strengthening of economic initiatives, which will improve trade, growth of economy and reforms», "" informs.

The new query complements the previous one directed by Bush on the 7th of February. President asked 105,2 million dollars for financing key programs in Ukraine, including economic aid,  soldieries training and financing defensives deliveries and services from the USA.

Taking into account the additional query Ukraine will get 165,5 million dollars of American help.


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