In view of appeared in MASS-MEDIA information about the possible dismissal of middle class Party "Apple", the statement of press-service of party came in address of ForUm. 

We bring its full text: "In December, 2004 and in January, 2005 on meeting of Presidium of ruling part of party "Apple" a question about further development of party was discussed. Guidance of party admitted that on this stage of development party "Apple" executed its historical mission: it touches prevention of Ukraine's crawling to authoritarian regime, overthrow of Leonid Kuchma's regime, democratization of society, realization of honest elections of President of Ukraine, etc. 

Besides, it was declared that in connection with a political situation changed after "orange revolution", the process of enlargement of political forces goes in the country. 

"We decided, that for the further successful decision of programmatic tasks of our party, for consolidation of the whole democratic forces of Ukraine it will be expedient to unite parties "Apple" and "Native land", - the Chairman of party "Apple" Michael Brodsky declared. - "Apple" is a democratic party by its spirit, and such questions we can decide only on general convention of party, by the secret vote. For example, the decision about the dismissal of party can be accepted no less, then two thirds of delegates' voices". 

Party convention is already planned: it will pass approximately on March, 12 or 19 in the capital. It is expected, that convention will end with meeting of the leaders of "Apple" and "Native land". Regional organizations conduct conferences, discuss the question of further party activity. "The way of development of party "Apple" depends on convention's results, - Michael Brodsky says. - Certainly, there are suggestions of ruling part, but we want, that ten of thousands of colleagues - "applemen" make decision about the future of the party.

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