Consultations with doctors concerning renewal of a former look will not influence pace, schedule and capacity for work of the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and are given in non-working time;   press secretary of president Irene Gerashenko reported.

"Last weekend the president visited one of medical clinics in Switzerland, where he got consultations.  Victor Yushchenko declared repeatedly, that he could not get used to his new face after poisoning, and would like to do all possible to recover former appearance", - said press secretary to "News".

According to her word, tense schedule of work shows the good state of health of president of Ukraine. However she refused to comment the results of unofficial visit of Yushchenko to Switzerland, referring to the fact that "country's leader does not close the theme of the state of his health, but this theme is extremely delicate".

"The president declared, that all questions concerning the state of his health, especially after poisoning, would be examined openly, but in this case it was a private visit, as the ordinary visitor of clinic", - asserts Gerashenko.


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