Leader of Party of regions Victor Yanukovich confesses that he is not ready to join opposition. About it he said in the interview to channel "1+1".

"First question which I was asked is: Do you understand, what does it mean to be in opposition? No I do not, because all my life I worked as the leader of enterprises, and then - head of government", - Yanukovich said, "Ukrainska pravda" informs.

Yanukovich does not "exclude" joining up with other forces on elections in parliament-2006: "Negotiations go at different levels: deputies, factions of political forces, in regions and here in a center". However, according to his words, convention of Party of regions will make final decision.

Yanukovich also explained his departure to Moscow Suburb - there he rested in his youth. Yanukovich said that he slept and thought over happened events there. He regards his defeat philosophically. "There are no winnings without a loss. Defeat stimulates to collect forces and go forward".

Concerning some deputies' from "Regions of Ukraine" voting for Timoshenko Yanukovich marked that "many people like this brave woman is", but some of them are new power - dependent.
Yanukovich warned also, that "the more pressure and power methods on my supporters, the harder my position". He said at the same time, that "we would aim, to take part in "country building".

According to Yanukovich's words he does not communicate with Kuchma, because considers his actions a betrayal. He said also, that his son firm is being tested now, everything  within the law. Yanukovich's wife "is next to him and and is glad, that he became more fresh".


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