On the threshold of Saint Valentine Day Ukrainian weekly magazine «Correspondent» published rating of the most sexual Ukrainians.

Not only the stars of sport and show-business but also politicians, including Victor Yushchenko, Victor Yanukovich and Julia Timoshenko appeared in rating, but they do not occupy first lines.

Rating is based on the results of questioning, conducted by GFK-USM Company on demand of magazine among 1000 persons from 15 to 59 years from all regions of Ukraine. The whole list of the most sexual Ukrainians consists of almost 50 last names, but the singer Ann Lorak became an absolute leader. On the second place her colleague Ruslana Lijichko appears, and on the third the sportsmen Vitaly and Vladimir Klichko are, “Detailes”reports.

Thus, Ann Lorak heads the list of the most sexual women, and after second number - Ruslana - the actress Olga Sumskaya follows. On the fourth place TV reporter and actress Ruslana Pisanka is. Five of leaders are ended by Verka Serduchka, aka Andrey Danilko.

Places from the 6th to the 10th were «occupied» by singers: Taicia Povalij (6), Sofia Rotary (7), Natalia Mogilevskaya (8), Irene Bilik (9), and on the 10th place group «Viagra» is with its full complement.

Joanne of Ark of Ukrainian revolution, the iron angel of the Ukrainian policy, prime minister of Ukraine, Julia Timoshenko is on the 11th place.

Frequent Olympic champion Yana Klochkova takes the 12th place

TV reporter of channel «1+1» Alla Mazur – the 13th

Actress Natalia Sumskaya – the 14th

Singer Natalia Koroleva – the 15th

Singer and politician, new minister of culture of Ukraine Oksana Bilozir – the 16th

TV reporter Olga Gerasimuk – the 17th

Singer Alena Vinnitskaya – the 18th

Russian singer born in Kiev Lolita Milyavskaya – the 19th

Singer Assia Ahat – the 20th

The most sexual men are singers – 10 places from 20, but all the same the top is occupied by sportsmen. The boxers Vladimir and Vitaly Klichko are on the first place, forward of Milan and Ukrainian national football team Andrey Shevchenko is on the second one. The goalkeeper of “Dinamo-Kiev” Alexander Shovkovsky got the 20th place in rating.

As the most sexual politician people named the president Victor Yushchenko, he occupies the fourth line in the general rating. Yushchenko’s rival on presidential elections, ex-premier Victor Yanukovich is on the 8th position, and the ex-president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk - on 13th. Honorary head of the Kiev National University of culture, politician (PM) and singer, in one person, Michael Poplavky is on the 11th place.

As for singers, people named Alexander Ponomarev as the most sexual, the 3rd places.

Pavel Zibrov – the 5th place

Leader of the group “Scriabin” Kuzma – the 6th

Soloist of “Elisa’s ocean” Sviatoslav Vakarchuk – the 7th

Victor Pavlic – the 10th

El Kravchuk - the 12th

Leader of “VV” Oleg Scripka – the 14th

Valery Meladze – the 15th

There are also two actors in rating:

Bogdan Stupka – the 16th

Anatoliy Hostikoev – the 17th

As for TV reporters among men, Alexey Diveev-Tserkovny took the 9th place and Igor Kondratuk – the 19th. Both of them work in TV channel “Inter”.

It turns out that there are a lot of sex-bombs among ordinary citizens. So, 55 persons from 1.000 declare, that they consider their family member, someone from relatives or friends as the most sexual.

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