Football club (FC) president «Shakter» Rinat Ahmetov got a trauma - simple fracture of ankle - during exercises of a mountain-skiing, press-service of Football club reports.

«On Friday the president of FC came home and treated with humour the rumours about the trauma and expression of sympathy, including of the «Shakter» players. «The main point for today, - said Renal Leonodovich by phone, - is safe feet of our footballers as they have to be good trained for the game with “Shalke”. Surely, I will be present on this match, which is very important for us. And many thanks for the good wishes”, press-service informs.

As reported before, president of football club the «Shakter» Rinat Ahmetov was not able to take part in eleemosynary action «From «Shakter» with love», because of broken leg. Yesterday footballers visited schools of the different districts of Donetsk, where took part in the festivals on the occasion of Day of Sainted Valentine.

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