Yesterday in Moscow the meeting of coordinating committee of CIS on the questions of air defense took place, the participants of which discussed the problems of co-operation in the guard of the air borders.

There is no full understanding between allies. Commander-in-chief of Air forces of Ukraine Anatolij Toropchin declared that Kiev demanded increasing of payment for information, received from autotracking radar about the rocket attack.

During this meeting the state and prospects of development of air defense incorporated system (IS), created ten years ago by ten states of CIS, were also examined, «Comersant» informs.

It turned out that only Armenia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz, Russia and Tajikistan continue to   strengthen this system on development of which in 2005, according to second-in-command of air forces of Russian Federation lieutenant-general Aitech Bigev’s words, about 2 milliards of rubles will be directed. Ukraine and Uzbekistan co-operate with Moscow exceptionally on bilaterally, Georgia and Turkmenia avoid some collaboration in area of air defense during last seven years.

But Moscow and Minsk this year will create the single regional system of air DEFENCE, which will be managed by the higher state council appointed commander.

Located in Mukachov and Sevastopol autotracking radar «Dnepr» is Ukraine’s property from 1992 years and is served by the Ukrainian military staff. Radar keeps a look-out after space above South Europe and Mediterranean.  According to agreement between Russia and Ukraine autotracking radars’ information go to the central command post of the warning system about the rocket attack subordinated to Russian spaces forces. Kiev gets $1,2 millions annually for this.

Defense Ministry of Russian Federation refused to comment the statement of the general Toropchin


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