On Wednesday Donetsk killer 42 years old was shot down next to his house in the Shevchenko district of Kiev.

A dead body with two gunshot wounds was found late at night, reported the chief of public relations Center of Ukraine in Kiev Dmitry Andreev to the agency «Interfax-Ukraine».

According to words of mistress of killed, shots sounded, when he had come out from the car. A woman had time to see the backs of three runaway men.

Making the examination in the house, where the deceased lived, police found pistol of Austrian production «Glok» caliber 10 mm, 2 magazines and 28 cartridges, and also pistol of Czech production «Chizeta » 10 mm, 1 magazine and 14 cartridges. According to words of mistress, this weapon belonged to the dead.

As the source in law machinery reported to the agency, the killed was one of the leaders of the Donetsk criminal group, who arrived to Kiev for organizing his own business.

At the same time, police works on different versions, including both criminal and everyday.


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