An earthquake that rocked Turkey October 23 was not felt in the Ukrainian territory, deputy director at the Institute of Geophysics Oleksandr Kendzera told UKRINFORM.

He said in particular: "The Turkish earthquake in the Crimea (southern Ukraine) was not felt, but it was recorded by all seismic devices in our country. It was a shallow earthquake, and it faded away fairly quickly, unlike earthquakes that occur in the Vrancea zone and are felt in the territory of Ukraine".

According to A. Kendzera, earthquakes in Turkey are normal for the country. "Tragically, the Turkish authorities do not pay much attention to the seismic protection. In Turkey, there is no mandatory rules for the construction of earthquake-resistant houses (as opposed to Ukraine), but only non-binding recommendations," he said.

The scientist said that the most dangerous regions in the seismic background is south of the Crimea, where every year there are 60-70 tremors, west of Odesa region and Transcarpathia, which records around 100 small tremors each year.

A powerful 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck eastern Turkey on Sunday, killing at least 200 people and leaving thousand injured.

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