Yulia Tymoshenko has appealed to the Commissioner on Human Rights, Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union and the UN Human Rights Committee asking them to take actions to prevent Yuriy Lutsenko’s health from being harmed, Tymoshenko's official website reported.

According to Yulia Tymoshenko, Yuriy Lutsenko is on day eight of a hunger strike in protest against his unjustified and unlawful detention, which threatens his life.

"Yuriy Lutsenko’s hunger strike is an extreme measure, but one that is quite understandable. The entire arsenal of tools to protect human rights that exists in civilized countries has been nullified in Ukraine under Yanukovych’s rule," she emphasized.

Yulia Tymoshenko said that Lutsenko continues to be held in custody without reason.

"Yanukovych’s government is applying selective justice and abusing the criminal justice system. This violates the European Convention on Human Rights and the right to a fair trial, which contradicts Ukraine’s international obligations on the principles of rule of law. I am in solidarity with Yuriy Lutsenko and demand that Viktor Yanukovych, in whose office court verdicts and decisions in all criminal cases against the opposition are made, close at once this politically motivated case against Lutsenko and release him," said Yulia Tymoshenko.

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