President Viktor Yanukovych believes there is an urgent need for pension reform in Ukraine, he said at the opening of the Ukrainian-Latvian Business Forum in Riga.

"We now approach a very difficult pension reform. But in fact, the law has already been prepared and the order and sequence of pension reform defined. It must be designed for years of use. We see no other way and believe there is no other reform of social and economic policy, which would be more responsible and necessary than the pension reform," Viktor Yanukovych said, presidential press office reported.

Therefore, he said, the government in Ukraine is very serious about preparing to the pension sector reform. "We are aware of the political problems in this area. But we are "fated" to start the reform and implement it successfully. And we understand our responsibility well," he said.

Speaking about the general course of reforms, being implemented in Ukraine, President Yanukovych reminded that they are conducted under the Program of Reforms for 2010-2014 adopted in May. "At present we meet the schedule 99%," Viktor Yanukovych said.

The President expressed confidence that no reform can be successful without effective cooperation between the branches of government and local authorities. He also said that cooperation with the public, NGOs and political parties is crucial. "We work to create the system providing for every step of the government being discussed by the society. The society should be provided with maximum information. We dedicate much attention to officials making information available to local communities," Viktor Yanukovych stressed.

The President of Ukraine also said that some reforms will of course annoy a certain part of the society at their early stages, and that there are reforms, whose positive effects will be felt only after a certain period of time.

"We have to make effort to assure the society in the time between decision-making and completion of the reforms that the country is being modernized, that rights protection of citizens is being strengthened, that security is growing, that a person can see where the country is moving and what to expected of the near future. We must not scare people with our policy," he said.

President Yanukovych also emphasized the importance of effective international policy of partnership. "Our generation faces the whole set of challenges, which we have to adequately respond to. We have to consolidate and conduct a successful foreign policy, based on pragmatism and interests of each country," Viktor Yanukovych said.


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