Ukraine is not planning to bring an action against Cypriot football manager Spyros Marangos claiming that Ukraine and Poland had allegedly bribed UEFA to get the right to host the European Football Championship in 2012, Deputy Prime Minister Borys Kolesnikov told the press at UKRINFORM's EURO 2012 news center.

He explained that Marangos had not filed charges against Ukraine, "but had accused the football officials," so there is no ground for the suit. At the same time, Kolesnikov added, if such charges appear, Ukraine will sue. "Any offensive word against Ukraine will be immediately challenged in court," the official stressed.

Markiyan Lubkivsky, Director of UEFA EURO 2012 Tournament in Ukraine, stated that a scandal involving claims that UEFA EURO 2012 was corruptly awarded to Ukraine and Poland did not affect the country's preparations for the football championship.

"Of course, such things affect the image of our country, but in order to restore one's good name there is the judiciary, to which one should go. In fact, UEFA today acts this way," the tournament director added.

As UKRINFORM reported, Spyros Marangos told the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung that UEFA officials accepted EUR 11 million worth of bribes to help Poland and Ukraine win their bid to host the European Championships in 2012.

On October 29 UEFA officially filed a legal complaint to the Federal Criminal Court of Switzerland against Mr. Marangos.

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