A disease of chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of the fifth convocation Olexander Moroz will not prevent parliaments’ work. As the “channel 5” informs, such statement made chairman of the Kyiv organization of the Socialist party Mykola Danilin.

“I think that he will open the session. This is the life of the State, and Olexander Olexandrovych is the State man, and I don’t think that he will try to change traditions, principles and approaches which have been formed for 16 years of Ukraine’s existence as the State,” Danilin said.

As a reminder, chairman of the VRU Olexander Moroz is in a hospital in Feofania because of kidneys disease.

According to the VRU Regulations, the first session of the People’s deputies group on organization of the first session of a new parliament’s composition must be convened by the VRU chairman of the previous convocation, and in case of his absence – by the first deputy chairman of the VRU .


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