BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko claims that the bloc is ready to support the proposition of the Party of Regions concerning the increase of one-time aid for newborn children. She said at the conference of the political parties’ of BYuT election bloc.

Tymoshenko reminded that by presenting the program “Break through”, BYuT proposed to increase one-time aid for newborn children: the first child – by UAH 10 thousand, the second – by UAH 15 thousand, the third – by UAH 25 thousand.

Besides she noted that the previous day the Party of Regions and its leader Viktor Yanukovych had introduced “only one creative”: to increase such aid for the first child by UAH 12 thousand, the second – by UAH 25 thousand, and the third – by UAH 50 thousand.

Tymoshenko states that BYuT is ready to support such decision in order to improve the demographic situation in the country.

Now the one-time aid for the first newborn child totals UAH 8,5 thousand.


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