The Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych refutes statement that he is proRussian politician in Ukraine. Yanukovych told in an interview to the French edition Figaro.

“If correspondence to western principles mean work out of legality then the President can be called westernized politician. If to be a proRussian means to obey constitution and law then I am a proRussian politician”, Yanukovych said answering the question whether he agrees with the statement that the President of Ukraine is a westernized politician and the PM is a proRussian (russianized) politician.

The PM also explained reasons why he does not support Ukraine’s accession to NATO. “Public poll proves that only about 15-20 % of the Ukraine’s population stand for the NATO accession. AT such low support it is incorrect to raise this question because according to the law it should be adopted at the referendum,” he said.


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