VR will aid in revival of the Ukrainian culture and recollection of the Ukrainian national customs and traditions by means of passing a bill "On Donation", Culture and Tourism Minister Yuriy Bohutskyi told a March 22 press conference, “Cabinet press office” reported.

We experience better financial opportunities to develop culture, Yuri Bohutskyi stressed. The budget 2007 amounts to 2.5 bn UAH. These funds are, however, insufficient for development of culture and a social sector. To improve the situation Yuri Bohutskyi recommends two ways out through introduction of privileges for cultural offsets or improvement of the current legislation.

According to Yuri Bohutskyi, the Culture and Tourism Ministry draws up amendments to laws of Ukraine on financing state museums, development of youth culture and a bill "On Donation". Some public figures sharply object to approving the bill "On Donation", as it will result in unfair distribution of funds.

Yuri Bohutskyi also spoke about development of the Ukrainian -Russian relations. I have never noticed pressure form the Russian party on returning cultural antiques to Ukraine.


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