Victor Yushchenko has opened a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, president’s press office reported.

Its participants, among them Parliamentary Speaker Oleksandr Moroz and Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, are going to discuss reforms in the municipal sector and projects Ukraine can implement in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Victor Yushchenko has told members of the National Security and Defense Council that Ukraine’s interest in projects in the Commonwealth of Independent States directly depends on reforms within the alliance.

The President said the CIS should address economic, social and humanitarian problems, especially in the area of international contacts.

He added that the Commonwealth “is still valuable to Ukraine as one of the multilateral forums which helps implement projects that might be beneficial.”

Yushchenko also said Ukraine’s participation in CIS projects should not slow down the pace of the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration.

He suggested including the above-mentioned approaches in today’s NSDCU resolutions.


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