Prime Minister of Ukraine Yuri Yekhanurov considers that fundamental reforms in Ukraine are impossible in the near future.

“I reckon Ukraine is absolutely ready for conduct of reforms. The problem is in technology of their conduct. I have thoroughly acquainted myself with our Constitution and understood that there can not be any reforms in the near future. It is impossible to conduct them, though the time will be very suitable – three years and a half without elections,” said Yekhanurov in an interview to the magazine “Economic news”.

According to Yekhanurov, it will be impossible to conduct pension and housing reforms, as well as health protection and administrative and territorial reforms. “We can not decide on structural reforms, as we do not want to hurt anybody. We are against surgery, we are for therapeutic effect. It means that we will be developing slowly. The country has chosen a slow way of development,” pointed out Ukrainian Premier.

He also mentioned that the conduct of tax reform in Ukraine is also impossible before 2008 year.

Yekhanurov underlined that “Ukraine needs to bring the economy development and the power’s attitude to business into the line with common sense. Common sense is when there is no pressure from the state’s side, but there is regulative influence on those units, who are not capable to solve problems by themselves.”


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