Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine instituted a criminal case on charges of tax evasion by charitable Fund “Ukraine”, founded by the ex-president Leonid Kuchma, as the press office of the Ministry reported.

“Mr. Kuchma, as I suppose, has never taken an interest in taxes. Money for his Funs was transferred from off-shore companies, headed by almost all oligarch families of Ukraine, but the taxes were not paid,” explained Yuri Lucenko, Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. According to data from the law machinery, the charitable Fund “Ukraine” has underpaid 20 million UAH (about four million USD) to the state treasury.

As Yuri Lucenko informed, “the investigation of the case is coming to the end.”

“After we have got necessary inquiries from Control and Revise Department of Ukraine, Ministry of Interior will prefer charges,” pointed out Lucenko.

Leonid Kuchma opened his Fund November 2004, before the second tour of the presidential elections.

He named the main goal of the Fund as the development of a civil society in the republic by means of support of talented youth of Ukraine. The first charitable contribution – six million UAH – was transferred by the President of FC “Dynamo” (Kyiv) Grigory Surkis. By the start of activity the Fund had at its disposal 55 million UAH (11 million USD)m, the most part of which, by hypothesis of Interior Ministry, was transferred from off-shore zones with illegal purposes.


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