Ukraine-Russia relations have become worse. It was stated by Yefim Fiks, the deputy of Ukraine, SDPU (u) (Social Democratic Party of Ukraine united) commented on possible Viktor Chernomyrin's designation to Russian Embassy in Azerbaijan. We remind that Viktor Chernomyrdin is the present Russian Ambassador in Ukraine.  

In particular Fiks stated that Chernomyrdin did all depend on him for the improvement of relations between two states. "The other thing is that new Ukrainian power is not interested in relationship with Russia," added Fiks.

"Chernomyrdin is the very person who in appropriate manner represents Russia to Ukraine, but not everything depends on the Ambassador. All depend on the good will of the power which represents the state, in particular the power of Ukraine. If it does not intend to develop the relations with the neighbors, the changes of the ambassadors will not improve them," stated Fiks.

"Chernomyrdin is Chernomyrdin. It is difficult to find more appropriate representative," said Fiks.   

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