PM of Ukraine, former leader of electoral staff of presidential candidate Victor Yanukovich, Taras Chornovil demands apologies to opposition from the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko for the groundless accusations.
In the open letter to Yushchenko Chornovil reminds him his speech to leaders of the Donetsk region during the first visit to Donetsk as the president. Yushchenko, in particular, said: "Time will pass, and I will say about every member of the opposition, if he does not get in prison. I give you my word to tell everything about, so-called, Ukrainian opposition".
In Chornovil's opinion, "in the whole European continent only Your predecessor and "father" Lukashenko let themselves to express such attitude to opposition".

The deputy asks the president "to show attitude toward opposition more cautiously, as its presence is an inalienable condition of democratic country".

"If you have warnings concerning particular persons in opposition, I will be thankful, if you name them immediately, but I think you will have problems with this".
"I do not hide that I am in opposition to you and Your team, as well as to Your predecessor Kuchma", - the deputy marks, and reminds, that "once he made a lot to urge present president to join real opposition".

"Not to continue disgraceful practice of communication with opposition like Kuchma or Lukashenko did, I require an immediate answer to the question from you: when and according to which article of criminal code I, personally, will be arrested and convicted?

If there are no grounds for this, I demand public apologies to me and to all members of oppositions whom you rudely offended," - Chornovil requires.

"Possibly, Your advisers did not inform you, but all, who was stealing, grafting, breaking the law in this country, changed their colour into orange one and "help" you now to build "honest" power", - the deputy marks.

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