The Ministry of Health of Ukraine will drastically expand its fleet of ambulances in early 2014. This was announced by Mykhailo Strelnikov, Head of Department of Medical Emergencies and Disaster Medicine of the Ministry of Health, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reports.

Strelnikov has said that 1,423 different class ambulances have been purchased to date,  which will be handed over to the department early next year. The ambulances will be evenly distributed across all regions of Ukraine. They are 148 ‘reanimobiles,’ 1,068 emergency vehicles Type B, 207 emergency vehicles Type A.

"We expect the most massive upgrade of ambulance fleet since independence. So, to avoid imbalance in distribution, each region will get a different number of new vehicles. For example, Donetsk region will receive 138 vehicles, Kiev - 97, Kharkiv region - 95, Dnepropetrovsk - 101, Lviv - 85 vehicles. Also, Transcarpathian region will receive 31 ambulances, Volyn - 33, Sumy and Chernivtsi - 34, the city of Sevastopol - 2. Thus, all regions will be uniformly provided with quality ambulances that will help ensure the social standard of ambulance response - 10 minutes in the city and 20 in rural areas," said Strelnikov.

Experts say the total number of new ambulances will be doubled. Experts estimate that Ukraine needs another 3,138 ambulances in order to meet the ambulance coverage standard - one ambulance for 10,000 persons. Experts say that two more procurements like this will help reach the objective.

Health Ministry experts note that the new ambulances are fully consistent with international standards and equipped with the latest high-tech medical equipment. Also, which is especially relevant for remote regions, new ambulances are adapted for driving on difficult roads and in all weather conditions.

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