The Central Election Commission has processed 69.49% of protocols of election commissions in five single-member constituencies of repeat parliamentary elections, the official website reports.

In particular, self-nominated candidate Ruslan Badayev still leads in the 94th district with 59.67% of votes, Mykola Kruglov has outrun Arcadiy Kornatski and leads in 132nd district with 47.83% of votes, self-nominated candidate Mykhailo Poplavski leads in 194th district with 53.62% of votes, "Motherland" candidate Leonid Datsenko leads in 197th district with 60.56% and self-nominated candidate Viktor Pylypyshyn leads in 223rd district with 45.23% of votes.

As a reminder, on December 15 Ukraine held repeat parliamentary elections in five single-member constituencies.


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