The case of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko must be resolved solely in a judicial order, the President Viktor Yanukovych said in an interview with Ukrainian TV journalists, ForUm learned from the press service of the Head of State.

"The issue of Tymoshenko is not the issue of today. The issue of Tymoshenko is the issue of 15 years of the state’s life. Today, partners of Tymoshenko serve their sentences in prisons all over the world. Today, Ukraine repays debts for Russian gas. It is the gas which Tymoshenko sold on the territory of Ukraine and transferred money to offshores. The court must answer these questions," the Head of State emphasized.

Meanwhile, he stressed that Tymoshenko was avoiding and blocking the justice.

The President added that the issue of Tymoshenko must not be an obstacle for the European integration. "Is the European Union a court?" the President emphasized.

According to him, voters often raise this issue in their conversation with the President but everyone agrees that the court must give an answer.

"Still, whatever the answer of the court might be, Ukraine pays 405 million USD today. Taxpayers pay this price. We are looking where to find these funds. Why should we pay?" the Head of State noted.

Also, he stressed that Tymoshenko could ask for clemency in case of compensation of damages caused to the state. "Ukrainian laws allow that if a person has paid the damages," the President said.

"We must say the truth about crimes. To steal money from the budget of Ukraine and taxpayers is not a crime? Let the court say. My authorities and point of view are not enough. The court must give an answer. Tymoshenko should also be interested in that," Yanukovych said.

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