According to banking market analysts, the dynamics of volumes and structure of lending demonstrates that the national banking system is becoming more reliable, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

According to the National Bank, Ukraine has increased the total loan portfolio. Since the beginning of the year, as of Oct. 1, the total volume of loans is up by 49.8 billion UAH, from 809.3 billion UAH to 859.1 billion UAH. 

Analysts say the share of loans to business entities is growing. The portfolio of corporate loans is up by 44.4 billion UAH, or 7.1%. The total volume of loans to public is up by only 5.4 billion UAH, or 3%. 

Thus, from the beginning of 2013, the share of corporate loans has gone up in the total loan portfolio by 0,7%, from 77.4% to 78.1%. This demonstrates growth of loans to the real sector and reduction of risks associated with the loans to the public. 

From the beginning of 2010, the share of loans to entrepreneurs in the total loan port¬folio of banks increased by 11.1%, or by 188.4 billion UAH. At the same time, in the same period a portfolio of loans to individuals fell by 46.8 billion UAH. 

Analysts say it is positive sign that dollar and foreign currency loans in the total portfolio of loans to individuals have fallen. From the beginning of the year, the portfolio of these loans has decreased by 11.2 billion UAH, and since the beginning of 2010 — by 99.3 billion UAH. 

The development has reduced bank risks. Entrepreneurs without foreign currency earnings may not be reliable borrowers of foreign currency loans, analysts say. 

The Independent Association of Ukrainian Banks (IAUB) also draw attention to the decline in banks’ risk associated with a reduction in the total portfolio of consumer loans, and especially of such loans for a period of over a year. 

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