In Ukraine, a decline (for the first time since 1999) in new HIV cases – down 2% from 2012 - has been registered this year. The incidence of AIDS has gone down considerably in recent years. It became possible through a strict control of epidemic situation and implementation of strategies to increase access to treatment for Ukrainians who suffer AIDS. The United Nations (UN) is going to recommend other countries to use Ukraine's experience in fighting AIDS, the Deputy Secretary-General, Executive Director of the Joint United Nations Program on HIV /AIDS (UNAIDS) Michel Sidibe said during the meeting with the Minister of Health of Ukraine Raissa Bogatyryova, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

Experts point out that in 2012 Ukraine doubled coverage of antiretroviral therapy of HIV-infected patients in Ukraine. A reserve of HIV medications has been established in the country. The number of new HIV cases went down by 1.6%, the share of cases among young people - within the 15-24 age group - reduced six times which is an evidence that young people elect for a more secure model of behavior.

"Ukraine is the first European country that strictly controls the epidemic situation and has a clear strategy for expanding access to treatment. We are witnessing a significant reduction in the incidence of AIDS as the number of patients who receive treatment keeps going up. There is a good reason by 2015 to declare Ukraine the nation where children are born uninfected ", Deputy Secretary-General Michel Sitibe said.

Bogatyreva pointed out: "As Europeans, we are concerned with the fact that Europe with Ukraine in its center, is still the region where the HIV epidemic is ongoing. For this reason, achievement of Millennium Goal 6 to stop HIV/AIDS by 2015 is one of the most important national priorities for Ukraine, which signed the HIV/AIDS Political Declaration in 2006 and 2011".

The government analysts emphasize that Ukraine is one of the few post-USSR countries, where the program of substitution maintenance therapy, which allows to actively shape adherence to antiretroviral therapy in the HIV-infected, including women, is ongoing. In 2012, Ukraine managed to reduce the number of HIV-infected pregnant women who use narcotic drugs to 1.5% against 3.5% in 2011.

The number of reported HIV cases among injection drug users (IDUs) has been steadily going down over the past three years. 6,934 cases of HIV among drug users were recorded in 2010 against 5,935, nearly a thousand cases less, in 2012.

Government analysts remind that Ukraine adopted the National Social Target Program to resist HIV-infection/AIDS for 2014-2018 which is being successfully implemented.

Experts say Ukraine is beginning to demonstrate efficient solutions rather than problems to the nations worldwide. This is the main assessment of the actions of the government, public organizations and all those who have been day-to-day successfully implementing the entire set of activities under the Anti-AIDS Program in recent years.


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