Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers has included the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MFA) in the list of central bodies of executive power that can join consultative and advisory councils of domestic and foreign investors, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

The measure has enhanced legal status of the council of exporters and investors, which operates under auspices of the MFA and includes more than 70 companies and associations. Domestic enterprises and companies will now have the opportunity to participate in investment projects abroad and establish effective cooperation with leading foreign investors for the implementation of priority projects in Ukraine.

Experts say the step was taken in line with instructions by President Viktor Yanukovych, who wants to optimize dialogue between business and government. "The economization of foreign policy is an important component of the development of the real sector of the economy, which requires new markets," Yanukovych has said.

The new status of the council of exporters and investors will make the structure more influential as Ukraine strengthens the position of producers in foreign markets and seeks to attract foreign investment.

It also allows the MFA to direct foreign policy to serve the priority interests of the national economy. The activity plays an important role in the anti-crisis reforms implemented by the government under Yanukovych’s leadership.

Experts say Ukraine is interested in the experience of foreign countries, which support national producers in international markets and promote their exports. The practice increases foreign exchange earnings and reduces unemployment.

US government agencies, for example, actively support the export of goods, capital and services, as well as protecting the interests of US companies and banks in foreign markets.

This activity has among the most important tasks of the US government and is a national security priority for American government. American foreign policy has been ‘economized’ in recent year. The process has involved numerous federal agencies, including the US State Department, National Economic Council and Central Intelligence Agency .

A significant role in the US economic expansion has been played by US Commercial Offices, which have deployed 400 representatives abroad to provide American embassies and businesses with financial and economic information. Similar assistance is rendered to American companies by US commercial offices and the US Department of Agriculture, which have deployed hundreds of professionals abroad.

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