Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych signed a decree on the last military conscription and transition to the formation of the Armed Forces on contractual basis, the head of state told a meeting with women Heroes of Ukraine in Kyiv on Monday.

"I have signed a decree this morning. There will be no more military conscription. Everything is specified in the document, particularly the way of military discharge for conscript soldiers. This year, the last of them will retire," he said adding that the conscription would only remain in the internal troops, Ukrinform informed.

He emphasized that the level of Ukrainian armaments had achieved the level that required the best experts. "Today, we have such armaments and military technologies that require an extremely high professional level. The equipment is very complicated, thus army should be qualified," Yanukovych noted.

According to the head of state, only those people "who are willing to have military profession" should work in the Armed Forces. "Professional approach on contractual basis is just the case. Military professionals should ensure the security of our state," the President said.

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