Ukraine’s Infrastructure Ministry has agreed with road transport carriers to amend the Law «On Automobile Transport». The proposed changes will be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers, and, if approved, to the Verkhovna Rada for adoption. The Ministry expects that changes will come into effect starting in 2014, Information-analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

New requirements for vehicles (passenger and freight) deal with the safety standards for vehicle production and safety, including compulsory systems of active and passive safety 
(speed limiters, meters, seat belts, satellite monitoring systems, etc).

Euro-4 environmental standards will apply to trucks starting Jan. 1, 2014, with Euro-5 from 2016 and Euro-8 from 2018.

The draft Law «On Automobile Transport « provides for the compulsory installation of 
tachographs, speed limiters and seatbelts 1–2 years after the law comes into force. Seat belts in buses will be mandatory a year after the law is enacted, and speed limiters must be installed with two years. These proposed changes have been submitted to the Ukrainian Association of Road Transport (ATRH).

«Our collaboration with the All-Ukrainian Association of Road Carriers has been productive. We have take into account comments and suggestions on the draft Law ‘On Automobile Transport” to create an effective instrument that will satisfy all market participants,’ Transportation Minister Volodymyr Kozak said.

The new road transport legislation will implemented in accordance with the requirements of the Directives and Regulations of the European Union and is aimed primarily at improving the safety and environmental standards and to qualitatively improve Ukraine’s road transportation sector.

Innovations include the application of the European tolerance practice for both passenger and freight haulers on the market. Carriers must meet the criteria of integrity (not subject to criminal and administrative liability), financial viability (should be fairly fixed assets, working capital and financial assets for the purchase of the vehicle) and professional competence (personnel must have special training and obtain a certificate of professional competence). Carriers will be required to use operating funds in order to comply with new provisions in law. They must have available office space for storing financial records of drivers’ work schedules.


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