The State Inspection of Ukraine for Protection of Consumers' Rights rejected 40% of food products checked during first nine months of 2013, chairman of the Inspection Serhiy Orekhov told a briefing in Kyiv, ForUm correspondent reports.

"We tested about 2 tons of food products, including bread, pasta and confectionery, sugar, meat, fish and dairy products, fruits and vegetables, tea, coffee, baby food, and eggs. 40% of the checked products were rejected and withdrawn from sale," he said.

According to Orekhov, the Inspection tested about 80 tons of bakery goods, of which 30% were rejected. "More than 200 tons of meat products were tested, of which 42% were rejected and withdrawn from sale. 120 tons of dairy products were tested, 40% - rejected.  200 tons of fish were tested, 38% - rejected. 100 tons of fat-and-oil products were checked, 37% - rejected. About 700 tons of fruit and vegetable products were tested, 42% - rejected. 50 tons of baby food were tested, 20% - rejected and withdrawn from sale," he said.


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