Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych told about problems in relations between Ukraine and Russia and complained about the pressure on Ukraine.

"The main problem in Ukraine’s relations with Russia has always been Russia’s use of energy to pressure Ukraine. We are hearing these threats and even some humiliation by the media outlets. That doesn’t help our relations and that doesn’t paint Russia in a good way," he said in an interview with Bloomberg news agency in New York. 

At the same time, he stressed that Ukraine plans to sign the Association Agreement and free trade agreements with 28 EU members in Vilnius on November 29.

He also noted that "although Ukraine is convinced that it will sign the EU agreement in November, we want to find a way to develop a relationship with the Customs Union."

The President of Ukraine believes that it "makes no sense" for the bloc’s members to reply to Ukraine’s EU agreement with a trade war.

"Our relations with the EU will benefit the Customs Union. Ukraine is a bridge between Russia and the EU and it’s very important to make sure the bridge is strong and reliable. Dialog between Ukraine, Russia and the EU on trade issues is possible in the near future," he added.

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