In September Europe signaled that the summit in Vilnius will rather end constructively to Kyiv, rather than vice versa. The Rubicon is passed, in a good sense, German political analyst Anneli Ute Gabanyi told in exclusive commentary to ForUm correspondent.

“One can see that Brussels is leaning in favor of dialogue with Kyiv, and Germany plays first fiddle there. Such a position would be impossible without its approval. This does not mean that Berlin is unanimously “for”, but there is an approval,” political scientist emphasizes.

According to Gabanyi, the newly elected MPs must quickly make decisions on important foreign policy issues - Syria, Ukraine, etc. “The Association Agreement is ready and it can be signed, but some issues remain unresolved for the EU, including the so-called "political justice." However, as far as I know, an active political dialogue on the subject is being held at the highest level, most of the emphasis has been softened, and there is a reason to hope for constructive solutions.:. However, there is no 100 percent certainty yet,” the expert summed up.


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