Ukraine is the only country of Europe, where purchase, possession, keeping and use of weapon are not regulated by the law, head of the monitoring council of Ukrainian association of weapon owners Heorhiy Uchaikin said in a comment to ForUm.

According to him, poor gun control lead to violations and rise in crime. "In all civilized countries, including the majority of former USSR republics, there are relevant laws aimed at maintenance of public order and reduction of crime rate," Uchaikin said.

He also pointed out that basic concepts of the Constitution of Ukraine declare life sacred and guarantee the right to liberty and security of person, the right to defend life, honor and dignity, as well as life, health, honor and dignity of family members, private property will all legal means possible. 

"So, we have the right to defend ourselves. But how? Should every Ukrainian do box or karate? And what women or older people should do? Carry a pepper spray? It is hardly an effective means of protection. Gun, on the other hand, is an effective alternative, but the right to possession of this weapon is not legally stipulated," the specialists said.

According to him, adoption of the law "On weapons" will secure the right of citizens to defend their lives and will demonstrates state's trust in its citizens. 

"Moreover, it will reduce the rate of street and general crimes, as well as the corruption in the sphere of arm traffic, will support the development of national arms production, will create new jobs and swing the sector out of stagnation. In the result, it will improve defense capability of the country and development of shooting sport," Uchaikin underlined.

According to him, almost two million people possess weapons in Ukraine legally (hunters, sportsmen, licensed owners) and another half a million use firearms at service or work.

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