In case Ukraine signs the Association Agreement with the EU, the Customs Union will have to take protective measures, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin says.

"If our neighbors (Ukraine - Ed.) will go to substantial liberalization of the customs regime with the European Union, the Ukrainian market will be inevitably flooded with products quite good in quality and price, but they will push out of the market proper Ukrainian goods of Ukrainian production. Then the countries of the Customs Union will have to think about the protective measures," Putin said on Thursday at the meeting on socio-economic development of Rostov region.

Putin explained that in such a situation it would be difficult to understand the labeling of products, their country of origin, which will put Russian producers in "rather difficult situation".

"Ukraine is not going to join the EU so far. We are talking about the signing of the Association Agreement on certain, as our experts believe hard enough for the Ukrainian economy, conditions," the President of the Russian Federation said. 


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