The Attorney’s Office in Manhattan has announced sentences passed in the case against a hacking syndicate that stole and sold credit card numbers and related personal data, and which involved 17 people from various countries, including Ukraine and Russia, Interfax informs.

Eleven gang members pleaded guilty and were convicted, BBC Ukraine reported on Tuesday.
On June 13, the Supreme Court of the New York State completed a trial that had lasted two-and-a-half months and passed sentences on 27 year-old Ukrainian citizen Yehor Sheveliov, 40-year-old Douglas Latta and his 41-year-old girlfriend Anna Ciano (both U.S. citizens). All of them were found guilty of criminal conspiracy, possession of stolen property and fraud.

Ciano was sentenced to imprisonment for a term from 19 years and 8 months to 47 years, Shevelev for a term from 13 years and 4 months to 40 years, and Latta for a term from 22 to 44 years.

According to the Attorney’s Office of Manhattan, which together with the U.S. Secret Service had investigated this case for eight years, members of the gang sold data from more than 95,000 stolen credit cards.

The gang laundered money through a New York-based company Western Express International.

The prosecution said during the trial that the total losses from the gang’s activities were more than $5 million.


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