Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission Andriy Mahera suggested giving opportunity to run in parliamentary elections for citizens, who had been convicted for the crime and underwent punishment.

He said this during a round table dedicated to the discussion of the recommendations of the "Venice Commission" and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe to amend the Constitution.

He noted that the Article 76 of the Constitution defines the requirements for candidates for the people’s deputies.

In particular, the Basic Law prohibits stand in elections for Ukrainian citizens who have a criminal record committing any intentional crime.

In this case, Mahera noted that, based on this provision of the Constitution, citizens can not run even if an intentional crime is not accompanied by violence, and does not have dangerous consequences.

"However, a citizen of Ukraine, who committed crime of negligence, for which he was sentenced to prison and served sentence, can run in," he said.

According to him, to resolve the conflict, it should be specified in the Constitution, that if a person served a sentence, he should be granted the right to stand in elections to Parliament.


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