Most of the diseases of Ukrainians are provoked by unsafe drinking water, head of the Environmental Academy department Mykola Kostrov told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

"8.5 million cubic meters of waste water annually flow in the water bodies. The main pollutants are industrial enterprises (50.2%) and housing and communal services (48%). We actually discharge drains into our waterways," Kostrov said.

He recalled that there are more than 63 thousand large, medium and small rivers in Ukraine. Ecologist does not recommend drink water from rivers and bathe in the Black and Azov seas, and even more so in the reservoirs.

"In the current conditions, in many of our water bodies there may be the causative agents of infectious diseases, hepatitis, typhoid fever, rotavirus. There may be also other problems with the digestive, cardiovascular, endocrine systems," he advised.

In turn, the former head of the Environmental Inspectorate of Ukraine, Mykhailo Gutsal noted that rivers are characterized by self-purification. "If to take all necessary measures not only on paper but in reality, then rivers will self-purify in five years," the former official said.


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