First deputy economic development and trade minister of Ukraine Anatoly Maksyuta and director of the U.S. Peace Corps in Ukraine Douglass Teschner discussed further cooperation towards the development of Ukrainian communities.

During the meeting, Maksyuta noted that the activities of the U.S. Peace Corps in Ukraine, as well as support from the United States of America in the field of technical assistance are very valuable for our state.

"Ukraine today is in need of such support, which will contribute to the development of self-government. We become more and more aware: only citizens' ability to proactively solve their local problems will allow communities to develop and deliver the services to be provided at the local level, based on the principle of subsidiarity," Maksyuta stressed.

The U.S. Peace Corps project in Ukraine "Community Development", beneficiary of which is the Economic Development Ministry of Ukraine, was founded in 2006. Given the results achieved, its registration was renewed in 2013 – with signing a memorandum of cooperation in the framework of the project "Community Development" between the Economic Development and Trade Ministry of Ukraine and the U.S. Peace Corps in Ukraine.

As part of the project "Community Development", Peace Corps volunteers provide training to enhance the ability of citizens to participate in solving urgent issues of life of local communities, and the annual strategic planning in organizations, the use of modern communication technologies to the public, according to one's own business, conduct Business English language courses. Volunteers collaborate primarily with non-governmental organizations, local executive bodies and local authorities, libraries, museums, public employment centers, higher education institutions.


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